Monday, January 5, 2015


Letter from Mildred Horsely.  A childhood friend of the Gideon girls. 

Drawing inside the letter

Trixie's calling card.  So neat!

Papa Jones' (Dr. EA Jones, MD) first car and some of the Jones and Gideon girls.

Bird Creek- Avant, OK.  Mama Jones (striking in black as always), George and Trixie Gideon and daughters, Byron and Ethel Jones with daughter Lela Virginia

Post card from Shelley Jones, Trixie's older brother.  

Aunt C is Aunt Carrie Jones from Sayre, Oklahoma

I love this photo.  Trixie and her first born daughter, Georgia Lucille.  

Trixie in front of the car, Earl Gray (Juanita's husband), Juanita and possibly her daughter Earlene or Ann.

Bathing beauties of the Roaring Twenties! Lucile and Juanita Jones posing in Bird Creek. 

Post card from Lucile Jones.

Post card to little Geraldine Gideon from her Uncle Shelley Jones.

Helen and Stanley (Jones) Curtis. Stanley and Helen moved to the North West part of the country. 

Aunt Lulu Riffe, Juanita, Mama Annie Jones, Anna Jones (Shelley's first wife)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Photos and Misc.

Trixie and children.  Some of these photos haven't aged as well as others. I still enjoy looking at them though.

Trixie and co.

Letter from the dear, 'ole Dad, aka Dr. E.A. Jones, MD.  He and Trixie were always very close.  I read a letter Trixie wrote in her older years where she said that her Dad gave her more strength than anyone after the death of George.  Trixie raised all eight children as a widow and never remarried.  

Old stock certificate- no, not worth anything! ha.

Trixie and her girls.  I have never found a photo of her where she didn't look pretty.  

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Uncle Donald and Aunt Carrie's Abstract Company

Uncle Donald and Aunt Carrie Jones owned and operated the first abstract company in Sayre, Oklahoma.  Their son Newlin maintained ownership of the company.  I am not sure what happened after that as his only child, Gene Jones, was killed in action during WWII.

These are advertisements Trixie had saved from 1915 for the Sayre Title and Abstract Company.  So pretty!

Friday, January 2, 2015

January 2, 2015

It's hard to believe my "Mimi" would have been 95 today. Not a day goes by that I don't think about and miss her. She (along with all three of my grandparents) was a class act. Grandparents are so important. If you still have yours, you are blessed. Pay attention to them, call them, ask them questions about their lives (the past and present), ask them how they would handle your adult problems, etc.. There are so many things to learn from them. I am so glad she wasn't just my Grandmother but was always a close friend. I always loved getting advice from her. She taught me so many positive things.

My "Mimi" (aka Mildred Gideon- Bowman) and "Papa" (Orves Bowman).   

Friday, August 29, 2014

Letter from Stanley to Trixie- October 19, 1918

Dear Sis and all-
Your letter was received today and was good to hear from all of you but sorry to hear that GL (Georgia Lucille) being sick.  I hope it is not the influenza she has.  Be sure and let me hear from you all along.  Had a letter from Boops today also, he is doing fine.  I hope he is and stays well.  The boys here that are in the hospital and in the barracks rather- sure don't get any care; one poor boy died with his clothes on.  The one's he took with.  Never washed his face.  His father and brother-in-law are raising the D with them.  Hope they set up state notice, sure feel sorry for them.  If I take sick, I am not going to the doctor or hospital.  They took all soldiers out of the hospital and put all cadets there,  We get the end of everything since school started.  Wish they would ship me out of here.  You be sure and keep me posted as to how GL is getting along.  Write when you can.
Lots of love,
I just went out in front and a couple of ladies with 5 or 10 gallons of pure fresh butter milk.  Gave it to the boys.  Sure was fine. They were in a Studebaker six.  I hear she is a widow.     

September 7, 1918 letter from Stanley Jones to Trixie

Dear Sis and all,
Your letter was received was glad to hear from you.  I have just finished a letter to Boops (Byron) and one to Mother.  I had a letter from Aunt Carrie.  Newlin is in the army some place in California.  Say- have Ed look into this school here.  I understand it is going to be from 18 year-old boys.  They will get $30 per month and go to school and all clothes furnished and cots just the same as a soldier.  Would be good for him.  When will Carl go - how old is he?
Dacia sent me a box of stuff. Sure was fine- a cake and fruit.  Juanita also sent me some candy and some gum.  Gee- all was fine.  Ed had better go to school for the fellow with the education is the fellow who has the greatest chance of being commissioned.  If he would have some education and a chance for officers training school. Grady Stringer is one they selected for mechanics.  How is Geo getting- when does he think he is going to be sent to Army?  I am very lucky to get into this branch of the service.  It is counted next to the highest branch.  Aviation is the highest branch.  Tell Ed I meant the ruby ring.  Let him read this.
I sure enjoyed my visit while in Waco.  Uncle Herschel looked so very bad.  Dad looks fine besides hime.  I used to think Dad looked bad but he looks fine.  Been looking for some mail today but haven't  had a word for two or three days.  Kiss all the little ones for me.
With love and kisses to all,
ps- I will see about this college for Ed.